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This bitch

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In my thoughts

(MY OLD ACCOUNT IS :iconheyrandomppl: )

Hey random people! I'm Rando, As you can tell from above :D
As you see. I draw ALOT! and i'm trying to improve so please criticize me, But Constructively i'm very sensitive.If you want to chat... I'll chat! And i like to RP to, yo. Hahahha
thug life... i would love to get along with you all, however if i discover you being mean to me or my friends here i will rip into you, I know its bad but i have a bad temper, so yea. But otherwise... I'm a surprisingly kawaii fucker. So ye. ovo You can ask stuff here if you want to!

Now, I will leave ya'll with an inspiring quote from out lord and saviour, Ellen DeGeneres.
“Accept who you are... Unless you’re a serial killer.”
K bai
GenericPotato Stamp by XxXsweet-candyXxX GenericPotato Stamp by XxXsweet-candyXxX GenericPotato Stamp by XxXsweet-candyXxX


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Random songs i like <3


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PAINUS ヽ( °0°)ノ
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O ok
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Ace :'<
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[200 watchers] Raffle + CONTEST

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 16, 2017, 3:28 PM

Oh my god?? Rando is making a journal for the first time in a YEAR? Yes well. this is a special situation, you can still see my commissions here:  Commissions(OPEN)here's the point prices, please note that when I put '-' it means I'm deducting points for a certain thing like... -5 points for no colour same with '+' it means I'm adding point like + 5 points for colour
60 points for a full body sketch 

+ points for inking (for all) + 5 points and 5 more for colour
-5 points for just the waist up + 3 points for colour (so colour = + 3 total: no colour or inking: 10 points, Inking: 12 points, colour: 15 points )
-10 for just the face (+ colour = +2 points, total: no inking or colour: 3 points, Inking: 5 points, colour: 6 points
just a digital chibi/pagedoll= 100 points + 3 points for a blink and maybe

+ 5 points for a background of your choice. (background is transparent otherwise)
5 points for a traditional coloured chibi ( +1 for

fullbody= 120 poin

Screenshot 2017-02-17 at 7.34.32 AM by Randoxide



What I want you to do is draw some of My OC's, my favorite two win!

My fav OC'S! 
- Rosa/ Pura/Beille
Concepts coloured- by Randoxide
Rosa: Is a weak-willed rose princess, she is only 15.
Pura: Overly loud deer, wants to prove her leadership, will fight everything
Beille: Worried workaholic. schedules everything. NEEDS to BEE on time :^) //shot
Kagami - Mazoku Manor by Randoxide
An actor who likes puppeteering and leads the Drama club. Personality changes a fair bit, doesn't know herself, so she copies others a bit.
looks even more like a dating sim protagonist by Randoxide

My persona
(le boyfriend: Oh wat is this by Randoxide) she's energetic, blunt, but a coward. Owns a fat A/f rabbit ima just post this again and a kitten cat cat  // :.Now THAT'S edgy:.
Teeny Author by Randoxide
Brooks (…)
Is shy, but always wants to help and make others happy. Papyrus and mettaton fangirl, writes stories and a ton of fanfictions. Shipped with monster kid (who I see as male) but it's platonic (as they're only children) and sort of one-sided (on Brook's end, as monster kid is nieve) so a friendship? Or you can draw fluffy stuff after they get together, either is OK.
Leo by Randoxide Leo: loves bugs, sarcastic, likes reading S&M, probably gay. Woop by Randoxide
Coinin: magician rabbit, energetic, usally fails at her tricks though...
Kani (Coinin's smol brother) by Randoxide
Kani: coinin's brother, Assistant (usually the rabbit that gets pulled out of the hat) mischevious (pick-pocketer) skeptical.
Calico Lane by Randoxide
Calico: Mute, hyper, sweet, owns a coffee shop.
Iluka  (coloured) by Randoxide
Iluka: from the ocean, observant, Perceptive and intelligent with the information she has, lonely so made friends with a little girl called Zie bubblesssssssss can change the look of her age.

Amelia: Amelia lineless kinda shy, sweet.
Jonas:  Old comic re-draw 1 by Randoxide The Orange haired boy in this comic ey the guy with the hood on in this sketch. He's a vampire, he thinks he's a playboy but actually sucks at getting girls. His personality's been redesigned, but his clothes still look like this:  Jonas by Heyrandomppl
bunny girls : cat (red) and Katie(pink) Cat is more mature, Katie is a super girly lezzy who likes Yoga. 
Them and their ships: ship art? yep.
Ruo: Ruo ghost, hardly talks, spawned from a cult Idk Moves sporadically.
Chrissy: Lazy ship art / A thing~Chrissy~ A photographer perv. loves dogs
Suzy: redesign thingy she's a pixie tsundere (sister: Decided to torture Suzy :I the blonde one)
Eden: Hygiene issues is an artist with social anxiety. I tried
I think that's about it! I'll add more if I think of them.

~rules for entering~
-You don't have to be a watcher for this one, but... still, tag me in the deviation~
-Bonus points for drawing more than one OC of mine in a pic
-Ship art also get's bonus points :^)
-you CAN draw them with your OC ^^ makes things interesting
-You can enter TWO drawings
- you can note me the but I will probably show it off anyway. however if it is submitted to DA paste the link in the comments or mention me ^^, if you're totally against me showing it. tell me!
-note me if you have any questions

-if you would like to help with the prizes it would be much appreciated! You'll get a.... A... HUG (virtually, of course).

Ends April 30th

1st: A full body with any background 
+ 200 points

2nd: A pixel icon OR a bust shot

All entries: A sketch~

~ I can only do humanoids! 

-you have to be a watcher for this
-Fav this journal
-Comment for a number!
-Sneakily comment "I need snooks"
- Share this journal (+1)
-give me a shoutout (+1) with examples of your favorite pieces of my art! (+1)
-Tag up to five people! (+1 each)

What the winners will win:
1st person: knee up with simple background~ + 100 points!
2nd person: A waist shot~

Also, yes, there is a booty in this journal skinlenny face 
muffet's coming fo' ur booty

Contest entries!!
By karmahitme Randoxide   Plant Girl By Karmahitme-dazl32h by Randoxide
By Dream-White-Flower 
(C) Randoxide's Contest by Dream-White-Flower
By Hakua-Netsuma 
:CE: Rosa by Hakua-Netsuma
By gojesser 
Rosa Beille and Pura Bros! by gojesser
Magic! // Contest Entry by HiddenSoClearly

CSS by FakeTsuki
Game Developer: Toby Fox, Undertale

Dapper Aussies

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Credit: :iconlaapplepie:

Free for chats!

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Sudden thought: you know what they say about men with big feet... But what about women with big feet? 

12 deviants said Thicc
7 deviants said Does it matter?
2 deviants said Big tits? (I can personally disprove this one)
2 deviants said Idk even-
2 deviants said waT WHY
1 deviant said TMI


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Many sincere thanks,
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To this day, I still think Fces is Feces tbh
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They fuck you up-
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